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TACKLIFE M1 Tire Inflator, DC 12V Mini Digital Air Compressor Pump

TACKLIFE M1 Tire Inflator, DC 12V Mini Digital Air Compressor Pump

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Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray Gun

The Tacklife SGP15AC Spray Gun is made up of ABS plastic for the home owner, and is eqipped with 3 nozzles, suitable for car parts, home appliance parts, steel furniture, wooden products and more; especially for painting small eara.

➤Special Paint Adding Method:As the spray gun canister cover with a quick refill lid for adding the paint, you do not need to detach the canister to add paint tosave you time.

➤Detachable Design:All parts of the spray gun can be detached easily, it is convenient for you to clean the parts after spraying.Please attach every part according to the instruction.

➤High Capacity:With the 900ml Container, you do not need to add the paint frequently to save time compared with other spray gun.

➤Long Power Line: with 5.9Ft power line, you can change the working distance according to actual situation.

➤Heat Emission:Special heat emission design provides production for the motor during the operation.


●Rated power:400W
●Water flow rate: 800ml/min
●Max. Viscosity: 70 DIN-s ( run-out time: 70 seconds)
●Nozzle size: Φ2.5mm/ Φ2.0mm/ Φ3.0mm
●Canister capacity: 900ml
Three spray patterns - horizontal, vertical and circular
The spray gun can be adjusted to three different spray patterns :horizontal flat jet, vertical flat jet and circular jet. Simply rotating the spray tip to select either horizontal, vertical or round spray pattern, you can choose the fittest one for your different applications.


★Vertical Flat Jet: vertical narrow jet for small-medium size surface, vertical wide jet for Large size surface top coating;

★Horizontal Flat Jet: Horizontal narrow jet for small-medium size surface, Horizontal wide jetbfor Large size surface top coating;

★Circular Jet :Small circular jet for Initial coatings, corners, edges,and hard to reach locations.
Spray width lever switch

★CHECKING:Before using the spray gun or after changing the nozzle, pay attention to check whether the seal ring in the right place or not.The seal ring should be carefully stored to avoid loss, check if nozzle, aircap, quick refill lid and canister tightly assembled.

★STORAGE:Do not expose it to rain or wet conditions.please keep the motor and the plug dry, other wise it may cause unit curcuit short.

★CLEANING:If using water based material, clean the sprayer by running water
through pickup tube inlet. If using oil based materials, clean pickup tube inlet with the appropriate cleaning solution.

Dripping:Please check whether the nozzle/Tip collar is broken/ loose or not, whether thee Y-type seal ring of nozzle is broken or not.
Spray width lever switch

You can adjust the spray amplitude by sliding the switch right or left, and it is easy to control the spraying stuation.

★Material Thinning Chart★
1) Oil enamel --25-40
2) Oil based primer--30-45
3) Oil stain--No thinning required
4) Chear sealer--No thinning required
5) Polyure thane--No thinning required
6) Varnish--20-50
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